About Us

Big Rock Rental is a family owned and operated business on Beaver Island, Michigan. We want to share our love of the island with you. Whether you want to take a tour of all the beautiful sights or ride the trails, we are here to make it happen.

About Us Pitchford Family

I am Josh, the owner of Big Rock Rental. I fell in love with the island as a child and had a dream to live here one day. That dream is now becoming a reality. My wife Chantelle and I purchased land on the island a few years ago. Our property is home to the islands famous “Big Rock”.

When discussing our future, we decided we wanted to start our own business doing something that would bring joy to others. I thought of all the places we love to visit here and concluded that a UTV would be a great way to get everywhere we want to go. If I felt this way, I was sure others did too and so the idea of our rental business was born.

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