Frequently Asked Questions

What does UTV stand for?

Utility Terrain Vehicle or Utility Task Vehicle

What is the difference between an ATV and a UTV?

An ATV is typically designed for one passenger having a seat designed to be straddled by operator and handle bars for steering.  A UTV to most people is also called a side-by-side.  They are generally designed for more passengers and have more safety features like roll cages and seatbelts.

Are your UTVs safe?

Yes, they are equipped with roll bars, seatbelts, hand bars, mirrors, doors, windshield, roof and electric power steering.  Our UTVs also include a small fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.  Regular maintenance and inspections are done to all our UTVs.

Does any safety gear come with the rental?

Yes, the rental comes with helmets and goggles. Everyone is required to always wear a helmet and eye protection while riding.  You may use your own helmet and eye protection.  We also recommend having a long sleeve shirt available to protect your arms if you plan on exploring the less traveled roads/trails.

Are the helmets cleaned daily?

The helmets are cleaned and disinfected after every use. Also, each Renter/Rider will be given a clean helmet liner to be used before getting fitted for their helmet. You can either return the liner after being fitted or at the end of the rental period whichever you prefer.

Can children ride in a UTV?

Children under 4 are not allowed to ride. Children 4-7 years of age can ride in one of the back seats of the 4-seater only and must be in a booster seat that is supplied and installed by Renter. Children 8 and older may ride in front or back without a booster seat.

Does someone show me how to operate the vehicle?

There will be a short Operation and Safety orientation to familiarize you with the UTV followed by fitting for safety gear. After the orientation and fitting Renters will be asked to demonstrate that they can safely operate the UTV on a short training course.  All questions and concerns will be answered at this time.  This will give us an opportunity to make a responsible decision on the Renters ability to drive.  Safety is extremely important to us, and we want you to be confident in your ability when you start your rental.  If you or BRR are not confident with your ability, we will proceed on a case-by-case basis.  This could include more instruction or in rare cases a full refund.  We want this to be a SAFE and enjoyable experience for everyone!

What if I don’t return the vehicle on time?

There will be a fee for late returns and the amount depends on how late you are. There is a detailed fee schedule under the Rental Agreement/Terms and Conditions number 12.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, the policies and fees are detailed under number 4 of the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

What if it rains the day of my rental?

You can ride rain or shine.  See Rental Agreement/Terms and Conditions number 4 for Cancellation details.

What if I am on a 4 hour trip and I want to extend?

Contact BRR and if the afternoon time slot is available you may reserve it.  To reserve you will need to come into the office and complete some additional paperwork and pay for the rental. This must be completed prior to the end time of your current rental period.  Also, you will only be charged the difference between your 4 hour rental cost and the cost of an 8 hour rental.  

How do I pay?

A deposit equivalent to the Rental Fee is required at the time of reservation to hold the machine for use on the date and time requested. If a reservation is not made the Deposit and Rental Fees will be due at time of in person rental which can be paid with debit, credit card or cash.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Can I pay with cash?

We accept cash if there is no reservation.

Can I pay with a check?

Unfortunately, we do not accept checks.

Is there a Deposit?

Yes, a deposit equivalent to the Rental Fee is required at the time of reservation to hold the machine for use on the date and time requested and to secure BRR against any damage to the Vehicle or other BRR property (Deposit).

How will I know where I can ride the UTV?

You will be given a map of the island when you rent the vehicle.  The map is a good reference of what roads/trails are public and private.  You can ride on any of the public roads/trails if there are NO posted signs stating otherwise. Also the map will have some of the island trails/roads highlighted with short descriptions of what to expect for some. We will explain this in more detail during your Operation and Safety orientation.

What can I do on a UTV besides ride on trails?

You can ride into town, go to beaches, site see, go geocaching plus much more.

Are there places on the island that I can’t go?

Yes, you can’t ride on private property without owner’s permission whether it’s posted or not.  You must always stay on the road or trail you are riding on.  You are not allowed to ride, turnaround, or park on ANY beach or sand dune.  

How fast do the UTVs go?

They are factory governed to not exceed 50 MPH so if you reach that speed, they automatically keep you at or slightly below 50 MPH.

How old do you need to be to rent a UTV?

You must be 21 with a valid driver’s license.

Can someone else drive the UTV I rent?

Yes, but there can only be 2 drivers per rental.  Each driver needs to be represented as a Renter on the Rental Agreement, and present with a valid Driver’s License at time of rental.  See Rental Agreement/Terms and Conditions number 5 for details.

How long are the rental periods?

There are 4 hour and 8 hour rentals.

Can I keep the UTV overnight if I want to rent multiple days?

NO, the rental must be returned each night and picked up again in the morning.

What happens if I lose the keys?

You will be charged a $25.00 fee for replacement.  See Rental Agreement/Terms and Conditions number 12.

What happens if I break down?

Immediately place a call to the business and we will come to you to assess the situation. If the unit cannot be used, we will pick it up and can also drive you back to your hotel/home rental or vehicle. 

What happens if I have an accident?

If an accident occurs and is serious or life threatening, immediately call 911, then contact BRR at 231-622-9543. If the accident is minor, call BRR immediately.

Do you offer guided tours?

Not currently but may in the future.

Do the UTVs have GPS?

Not currently but may in the future.  We recommend downloading a GPS app on your phone before the day of your rental to help with your exploring.  We have found that the Gaia GPS App works well for the most part.

Can you pick us up at our hotel/rental?

We can pick you up if business permits.  We cannot guarantee a pickup so be sure to have a backup plan.

Do the UTV’s have 4-wheel drive?

Yes, they all have 4-wheel drive.  You are not allowed to ride on paved roads in 4-wheel drive as this can cause severe damage to the UTV.

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